What should I wear?

The comfort and safety of our volunteers is important. Volunteers should wear comfortable clothes to work in.  Please keep in mind that temperatures vary by season and also within our work spaces. 

·        Due to health department regulations, we ask that you always wear a shirt with at least a short sleeve. T-shirts are preferred due to the types of activities you may be asked to complete. Sleeveless, spaghetti straps and/or tank tops, low-cut or midriff tops are NOT allowed.

·        Please wear either jeans, capris or appropriate business-length shorts.

·        Oversized or baggy pants may be in fashion for youth, but are NOT allowed at the Food Bank. A belt will be required to secure pants at the natural waist.

·        Closed toe shoes are REQUIRED when volunteering.

·        For your safety, it is highly recommended that all volunteers limit the amount of jewelry worn during a volunteer shift.

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